8th Street Studios

Rental Equipment

We boast an extensive equipment list of Profoto's lighting equipment, and other top brands of continuous lighting, grip, cameras and digital capture.

Our experienced in-house assistants are available for hire, but are also happy to offer some free assistance or just friendly advice about all aspects of your rentals.

Explore our list of equipment to find what you’re looking for. Whatever we do not stock, we will source for you.



Packs + Heads
Profoto PRO-8a 2400 Asymmetrical Pack                
Profoto PRO-B3 1200 Pack + Life Battery + Charger

Profoto Pro-Head 2400
Profoto Pro-B Head 1200

Profoto D2 1000W
Profoto D1 1000W
Profoto D1 500W

Profoto B3 1200

1 x Profoto Pro-B3 1200 Pack + Life Battery + Batter
1 x Profoto Pro HEad 2400
1 x Profoto Pro-B Head 1200
1 x Profoto Pro-B3 Extra Life Battery + Charger
1 x Profoto Air Remote or 2 x Pocket Wizzard
2 x Manfrotto Master Stand

Profoto D2 1000
2 x Profoto D2 1000W
1 x Profoto Air Remote
2 x Manfrotto Master Stand

Profoto D1 1000
2 x Profoto D1 1000W
1 x Profoto Air Remote
2 x Manfrotto Master Stand

Profoto D1 500
2 x Profoto D1 1000W
1 x Profoto Air Remote
2 x Manfrotto Master stand

Light Modifiers
Profoto Softbox 1,3' x 2' + Speed Ring
Profoto Softbox 1' x 4' + Speed Ring
Profoto Softbox 2' x 3' + Speed Ring
Profoto Softbox 3' x 4' + Speed Ring
Profoto Softbox 5' Octa + Speed Ring
Profoto White Umbrella 85 cm
Profoto Zoom Reflector 45°-105°
Profoto Magnum Reflector 50°
Profoto Softlight Reflector White
Profoto Ring Flash Softlight Reflector
Profoto Proglobe 360°
Profoto Zoom Reflector Kit Grid 5°/10°/20°
Profoto Softlight Reflector Grid 25°
Profoto Softlight Reflector Diffuser 1/3 Stop

Profoto Pro-Head to Pack Extension 16'
Profoto ProB3 Extra Life Battery + Charger
Profoto Pro-B3 Battery Charger
Profoto Speedring
Profoto Air Remote
Pocket Wizard Plus II Transceiver
Profoto Synchro Cable 16'
Profoto Synchro Extension Cable 32'

Speed Light
Canon 580 EX Speedlight



Arri Compact 2.5 KW
Arri Compact 1.2 KW
Arri Compact 575 W

Arri Fresnel 2 KW
Arri Fresnel 1 KW
Arri Fresnel 650 W
Arri Fresnel 300 W

Dedolight 150 W (3units)

Kino Flo 4' x 1' 3200°/5500°
Kino Flo 4' x 2' 3200°/5500°
Kino Flo 4' x 4' 3200°/5500°
Kino Flo Flathead 8' x 4' 3200/5500°
Kino Flo Car Kit 12 V

LED Kits
Let Panel light 600 LED Bulbs 1' x 1'
Barn Door
Filters 5400K - 3200K
Dimmer Control
Power Adapter

LED Spot Kits
LED Fresnel Light Spot 10°-60°
Barn Door
Dimmer Control
Power Adapter

Dimmer 2 KW 16a
Flicker box TV/ Candle/ Fire/ Effects box

Distribution Units
Y Cords / Splitters 16A

V-Mount Batter 220W
Mega Ni-Cad Battery 12V-30AH/ 30V-12AH
V-Mount Battery Charger 2 way
V-Mount Battery Charger 4 way (fast)
Mega Ni-Cad Battery Charger 30V


Light Meters
Polaris Flash Meter



Manfrotto 004 Stand
Manfrotto Master Stand
Profoto Light Stand
Avenger C/Stand
Avenger C/Stand with Arm M
Avenger Grip Head + Arm for C/Stand
Avenger C/Stand AS030 Column M
Avenger C/Stand Base
Avenger D200 Grip Head
Avenger Wind-up 3S
Avenger A1045 CS Stand with Wheels
Manfrotto 008 Cine Stand 7' with Wheels

Manfrotto 025BS Complete Super Boom
Manfrotto 025BS Complete Super Mega Boom
Manfrotto 425B Complete Mega Boom / Wind up 3S

Tripods / Tripod Heads
Manfrotto 475B Camera Tripod + Head
Manfrotto 475 Camera Tripod + Head
Manfrotto Small Camera Tripod + Head
Manfrotto 322RCA Camera Stick Head
Manfrotto 141 Camera Head 3D
Manfrotto Arm Extension 60cm.

Reflectors/ Butterflies/Diffusers
Lastolite Kit 3.6 x 6.6' (White/ Silver/ Silk)
Lastolite Silber and White Reflector Large 71''
Lastolite Diff Translucent and White Reflector 48''
Lasolite silver and gold reflector medium 39''
Profoto Silver and White Reflector Medium 32''
Avenger Butterfly kit 8' x 8' (White Silk 1.6 Stop)
Mathews Fabric 8' x 8' (White Silk 1.6 Stop)
Matthews Fabric 12' x 12' Black
Hard Reflector 4' x 4' (White/Silver)

Matthews Floppy 48'' x 48'' Top Hinge (Open to 48'' x 90'')
Matthews Black Flag L 30" x 36"
Matthews Black Flag M 24" x 30"
Matthews Black Flag S 18" x 24"
Matthews Fast Flag Scrim Kit
Matthews Aluminum Frame 40" x 40"

Mounting Accessoris
Manfrotto Super Clamp
Plastic Clam Black S
Plastic Clamp Black M
Avenger Spigot
Manfrotto Sand Bag(s) 6 KG
Aluminum Crossbar
Apple Boxes Kit (3 units)
Metallic Floor Stand for Polyboard
Polyboards Black and White 2 x 1 MT.
Polyboard Black and White 1.20 x 1.20 MT.

Bowens Jet Stream Wind Machine W/ Remote
Rosco Smoke Machine
Smoke Machine Extra Fluid
LG XGA DLP Projector

Power Distributions
AC Extension Roll 25 MT.
AC Extension Roll 10 MT.
AC Extension Cord 12 MT.

Paper & Fabric Backgrounds
Colorama Seamless Paper Backdrops 2.80 x 11 MT. ( in stock )
Colorama Seamless Paper Backdrops 2.80 x 11 MT. ( on order )
Colorama Seamless Paper Backdrops 3.60 x 30 MT.
Fabric Background 3 x 6 MT.

Rosco Filter Sheet 1.7' x 2'
Rosco Filter WD/CTO/CTB 1.22 x 7.6x2 MT.
Rosco Special Filter 1.22 x 7.62 MT.
Cinefoil Black / Meter


Canon 5D Mark III 21 MP Body
Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III 21 MP Body
Canon EF 24 mm. Tilt Shift / 3.5 LII
Canon EF 50 mm. / 1.2 L USM
Canon EF 100 mm. / 1.2 Macro / 2.8 USM
Canon 16-35 mm. / 2.8 L USM
Canon 24-70 mm. / 2.8 L USM
Canon EF 70-200 mm. / 2.8 L USM
Canon LP-Extra Battery
Canon LC -E4 Battery Charger

Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II Body + Winder
Mamiya Sekor 50 mm. / 4.5
Mamiya Sekor 110 mm. / 2.8
Mamiya Macro 140 mm. / 4.5
Mamiya Sekor 108 mm. / 4.5
Mamiya Sekor 360 mm. / 6.3
Mamiya Extension Tube N°2
Mamiya Bellows Lens hood G-2
Mamiya RZ 67 AE Prism Finder
Mamiya TLR Pistol Grip
Mamiya Polaroid Film Black
Mamiya Cable Release

Toyo-Field 45 CF
Copal 150 mm. / 5.6 + 3 x Film Holder


Computer / Monitors
Mac Book Pro 17"
Apple Monitor LED Cinema Display 24"
Apple Monitor LED Cinema Display 27"

On Location Kit
Hypermac Battery 150 Wh
Seaport i-Visor LS Pro Mag (for Laptop upto 17")
Seaport i-Visor Plate 15

Seaport i-Visor LS Pro & Tripod Kit
Laptop Case
Plate Kit

Lexar CF Card UDMA 8GB 600 X
Lexar CF Card UDMA 16GB 80 X
Card Reader
Tether Pro USB 2.0 Cable 15FT.
Tether Pro USB 3.0 Cable 15FT.