8th Street Studios


Event Venue

An urban chic warehouse spaces is also a trending space for any event you may have and can accommodate up to 300 people. Be it for a product launch, workshop, fashion show, or an art exhibition. Hosting your event at our studios will always be a fabulous success.

      Our drive in studios makes setting up for large scale events a breeze. 

  • Total area of 4,400 sq ft

  • Studio A dimensions 14.27 m width x 12.02 m length x 5.50 m height

  • Studio B dimensions 13.80 m width x 12.02 m length x 5.50 m height

  • Drive-in studios with large entrance of 2.39 m height x 3.90 m width

  • Hair & make-up areas

  • Two Private washrooms

  • Two Changing rooms

  • Lounge areas

  • 3 Face Infinity Cove: 10.20 m x 7.03 m x 4.00 m height with 5.50 m ceiling height

  • Skylights and large glass doors for natural daylight

  • Ample street parking

  • Two Kitchen areas

  • Sound system

  • WiFi