Two studios and double the size, for large productions

Whether you need to plan multiple sets simultaneously, or if you need space for your crew or your clients need to set up their “office for the day” while the shoot goes on, Studio A and Studio B can be opened up to each other.

Doubling up on all the facilities and space, there are unlimited ways you can take full advantage of this unique setup with a passage between the two studios that can be open or closed depending on your requirements.

The added bonus in this configuration, Studios A+B is the use of our signature architectural corridor that will be an added space that can be used for wardrobe, catering, or an additional shooting space.

  • Total area of 4,400 sq ft

  • Studio A dimensions 14.27 m width x 12.02 m length x 5.50 m height

  • Studio B dimensions 11.25 m width x 12.02 m length x 5.50 m height

  • Drive-in studios with large entrance of 2.39 m height x 3.90 m width

  • Hair & make-up areas

  • Two Private washrooms

  • Two Changing rooms

  • Lounge areas

  • 3 Face Infinity Cove: 10.20 m x 7.03 m x 4.00 m height with 5.50 m ceiling height

  • Skylights and large glass doors for natural daylight

  • Ample street parking

  • Two Kitchen areas

  • Sound system

  • WiFi