Drive in studio with a huge 3 face infinity cove (Cyclorama)

Studio A, previously known as warehouse 7, is a favourite amongst local and international fashion photographers. A calm vibe and “just right” conditions and facilities allow photographers, directors and their creative teams to get down to work and achieve their creative goals.

This private space, feels like a boutique studio, yet houses a very large and  drive in infinity cove, as well as other impressive facilities.

  • 2,200 sq ft

  • Studio dimensions 14.27 m width x 12.02 m length x 5.50 m height

  • Drive-in studio with large entrance of 2.39 m height x 3.90 m width

  • Hair & make-up area

  • Private washroom

  • Changing room

  • Lounge area

  • Infinity Cove

  • 3 Face Infinity Cove: 10.20 m x 7.03 m x 4.00 m height with 5.50 m ceiling height

  • Skylights and large glass doors for natural daylight

  • Ample street parking

  • Kitchen area

  • Sound system

  • WiFi